MTN SA In Hot Water With ICASA Over Unregulated WhatsApp Bundle Price Change

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)’s Complaints and Compliance Committee is scheduled to hold public hearings around MTN’s alleged violation of Regulation 9 of the Standard Terms and Conditions.

The regulator stated that the company neglected to notify ICASA at least seven days before changing the price of a charged service. This case is related to MTN’s WhatsApp Monthly 1GB bundle.

The price of the bundle was increased, and MTN made that change without the prescribed seven-day period having elapsed.

The matter will be heard at ICASA’s head office on the 4th March 2019.

ICASA said that MTN had stated that its early implementation of the amendment had been necessary because the company was faced with a choice to either break the letter of regulation or to suffer some more severe harm.

ICASA has further declared that the penalty for violating the regulation is a charge not less than $7100.00, but not exceeding 10% of the licensee’s calculated annual turnover.

The national regulator said that it felt strongly that the actions and violations by MTN effectively undermined the authority’s hard efforts of decreasing the exorbitant cost of communications in South Africa.

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