NCA Ghana And Togolese Regulator To Meet And Discuss Spectrum

The National Communications Authority (NCA) plans to hold a bilateral frequency coordination meeting with Togo, to resolve and collaborate issues related to the usage of Radio Spectrum along the Ghana-Togo Border.

The meeting will be attended by the Togolese regulator and by service providers from both countries.

Over the years, consumers that reside along the Ghana-Togo border had struggled with accidental roaming charges due to interference as were switched between networks in the two countries.

Operators in Ghana have also lost subscribers along the way as consumers tend to switch to networks from the neighbouring country depending on the strength of the signal. The purpose of the meeting is to ultimately find the best method to resolve the interference of signals in the border region.

The Deputy Director General of Technical Operations at the NCA, Henry Kanor said that Ghana and Togo had in the past, held similar meetings around the use of Radio Spectrum along the borders. He said the meetings were meant to create a platform which looked for ways to minimise transmitting signals coming from the neighbouring territories. He added that these signals could cause bad coverage, harmful interference, or may prevent an Administration from using or allocating some of its national spectrum.

Kamor said that this particular meeting would define the frequency usage conditions for Service Providers in both nations to ensure that the quality of service and good coverage in the two territories would be enhanced for the benefit of the consumers.

He added that he was confident that at the end of the discussions, the two countries would find an amicable solution to solve the critical issues at stake and possibly sign their long-standing Border Frequency Agreement.

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