ICASA Makes Amendments To South Africa’s Telecoms Regulations

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has made a few amendments to the End-User and Subscriber Service Charter, which is set to be effective as of 28 February 2019.

The regulations order mobile operators to roll over data that has not been used, allow for data transfers between customers and also to prevent automatic out-of-bundle data consumption.

ICASA said that the amendments are mainly in relation to out-of-bundle billing and usage notifications.

The changes will require that mobile operators provide consumers with the option to opt out of the various usage depletion notifications for SMS, voice and data services.
Additionally, networks will now be ordered to provide consumers with the option to opt in or to opt out of out-of-bundle data billing.

ICASA issued a statement saying that after considering inputs and submissions received from licensees, it had decided to make some amendments to the Regulations in order to bring a little more certainty and also to ensure that the implementation and enforcement of the Regulations would not result in unintended consequences for consumers and licensees.

Botlenyana Mokhele, ICASA’s Councillor said that the minor amendments referred to were prompted by the need to facilitate compliance with the regulations. She added that the mobile network operators still had an obligation to educate all their consumers about the new rules.

ICASA clarified that these amended regulations would not apply to mobile virtual network operators, resellers, or any other non-licensees.

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