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Great Zimbabwe University Launches State-Of-The-Art Campus Radio Station

The Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) has built a state of the art radio broadcast studio at the campus in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, positioning itself as the front-running institution in hands-on training following countless calls from the media industry for the specialised institutional training of broadcasters.

At a time when the Zimbabwean government is working on opening up the broadcasting industry to new players, GZU’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rungano Zvobgo said that the new studios, which will culminate in the establishment of a broader plan to bring relevance to Zimbabwe’s broadcasting sector.

Zvobgo said that GZU is a university that trains journalists and that the institution felt that this new station would be the tool that it uses to get the students ready for the real world out there.

Besides being a training hub, the introduction of a radio station on campus is expected to provide a link between students and the community, and according to the Vice Chancellor, the institution is ready to broadcast, but for now, they are waiting for a licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

Mr Golden Maunganidze, the Chairperson of the Department of Media and Cultural Studies, said that training would significantly improve as a result of this latest move by the university.

In a highly competitive broadcasting world where the job market insists that training institutions produce competent students, the Zimbabwean radio sector has a good starting point.

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