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China Rolls Out Satellite TV Project In Uganda

The Chinese government has just wrapped up a digital television project that will give digital television access to over  500 villages across Uganda.

The project named Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages, is among the top 10 major programmes supported by China.

At the handover ceremony, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said that the project is essential because it will give Ugandans access to information.
She said that villagers would be able to access information about agricultural markets and that the project would also help the government to improve education standards.

The project, which was initiated by StarTimes under the management of the Chinese Embassy in Kampala and ICT Ministry, was rolled out last year in July.

The Chinese Embassy economic counsellor, Ms Zheng Xiu Fen said that Uganda had over 56 years of trade relations, which has seen a lot of projects come to fruition.
Fen said that this was the third biggest project in Uganda and that China aid is meant to better the standards of living of Ugandans.

The Access to Satellite TV for 10,000 African Villages is a joint effort between China and Africa that seeks to lessen the information divide by providing digital TV in rural areas.

Mr Charles Lwanga, a representative of the ICT Ministry, asked China to take the programme to other areas that are not yet covered because it was a good way through which development could be mobilised.

The StarTimes Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andy Wang said that the project had introduced viewing gadgets mainly in public viewing places such as health centres, schools and community centres with the aim of helping people have unrestricted access to information.

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