Telecel Zimbabwe Targets The SoHo Market With New Data Offers

Telecel Zimbabwe revealed that it is boosting its LTE offering with new data offerings that include broadband internet connectivity using wireless modems for the SoHo market.

As Zimbabwe's economy deteriorates, telcos are exploring other value propositions to increase and maintain income from the average revenue per user – and data is quickly becoming a reliable generator of revenue.

The Brand Manager of Telecel, Farai Katiza shared that the company's latest product offering was a representation of its response to the country’s economic hardship.

The market is dominated by internet service providers including TelOne and ZOL, among others. ZOL has a mobile modem and indoor and outdoor modems.

Telecel has ventured into this market in its efforts to capitalise on its data capacity and better its LTE offering. The company stated that after the unveiling of its pilot LTE service last year, Telecel had moved on and increased both the scope and coverage of the service. It would now offer bundles and modems to promote complimentary usage of the service.

Offered along with the modems are bundle options varying in price from US$8 per 5GB to US$90 for 75GB and are valid for 30-days.

The modem will cost approximately US$150 and will allow connectivity for a maximum of 15 internet devices.

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