Liquid Telecom Preparing For A Big Network Revamp

Liquid Telecom is currently busy with the most significant network modernisation project that it has undertaken in over ten years.

The network revamp, which began in August 2018, includes replacing old infrastructure across its main networks.

Liquid Telecom’s CEO Reshaad Sha, told MyBroadband that said most of the project should be completed by April 2019.
He revealed that the refreshed network would include a selection of automated services and would all the company to offer current and advanced telecoms products to its clients.

However, the extent of the project means that the users should expect some network disruptions during this upgrade period.

Sha explained that the firm was managing the disruptions and was working together with its customers to minimise the impact on their businesses.
While Liquid Telecom continues with its network refresh project, the firm has also been struck by two major fibre breaks in recent months.

The first fibre break was caused by copper thieves who cut through and destroyed conduits along a 2-kilometre stretch. This was on a critical route for Liquid Telecom, which then experienced a ripple effect on the systems that were used to re-route traffic.
To fix this route a whole new infrastructure was built, which took a lot longer than just fixing a simple break.

The second incident occurred in late December and was caused by a burst water pipe in Randburg, South Africa.
The water utility provider had dug up the pavement to add new pipes, which resulted in the damage of an important fibre route which connects two key points-of-presence.
This particular fibre break took several days to fix and also forced Liquid Telecom to move its traffic to alternative routes.

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