Showmax To Launch New South African Original Series

Showmax has launched the trailer for The Girl from St. Agnes, and it looks like a fascinating and creepy adventure.

The series is shot in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and is the second South African original show from the streaming service. It will be launched for subscribers on Thursday, 31 January 2019.

The eight-episode series was produced by the South African Producer Harriet Gavshon of Quizzical Pictures’ who got the inspiration for the series from her own private school experiences.

The crew of this production is predominantly female, and it was written, commissioned, directed and produced by women. The Director, Catharine Cooke won the Best Director in a TV Drama at the SAFTAs for the local film iNumber Number.

The dark drama’s plot is based around the mysterious death of a girl at a highly prestigious boarding school.
When a popular learner is found dead on the school grounds, the school is quick to conclude that the girl's death was a tragic accident.
The drama teacher Kate Ballard does not believe it was an accident, but the more she investigates, the more the teacher realises that she didn’t know the dead girl, Lexi Summerveld or the school at all.
Behind the mysterious walls of St Agnes, Lexi’s killer is not the only person to be exposed ultimately.

In a South African first, The Girl From St. Agnes is being distributed internationally by Red Arrow Studios International.
The show’s producers say that distributing it internationally was a no-brainer because twisted dramas and crime occur all over the world, so the plot is easy to relate to anywhere. They added that what differentiates this show from others globally is that it has successfully set the formula in a fresh and uniquely South African context.

According to the producers, the series is unlike anything that’s been seen before on South African TV.

South Africans usually rely on HBO series on Showmax for a fix of edgy content, rather than local series, which are known to be a lot more conservative, with divisive topics and nudity generally avoided.
But conservative is not a word that anyone is going to use to describe The Girl From St Agnes.

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