Netflix South Africa’s Speeds Are Among The Slowest Globally

Netflix has revealed that on its ISP Speed Index for December 2018, South Africa still very low in the rankings.

South Africa’s achieved an average ISP speed of 2.63Mbps in December, an increase over the previous month’s average.

Despite the increase in its average speed, South Africa’s overall ranking on the charts declined – proving that other countries saw more increases in their average speeds. South Africa was ranked 53 out of 59, a drop from the 52nd place last month.
The only countries doing worse than South Africa on the Netflix ISP Speed Index are South American countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras and El Salvador.
Jamaica, the Philippines and Costa Rica, Jamaica, are all higher than South Africa on the index.

Netflix explains that the index is a measurement of a country’s prime-time Netflix performance on ISPs, and not of the total performance of an ISP’s network.
It calculates in Mbps the average bitrate of Netflix content that is streamed by users on a per-ISP basis.

Netflix said that it measures the speed through all available end-user devices. The content streaming company explained that it could not calculate the exact bitrates for a small number of devices, therefore streaming via cellular networks is not included in its measurements.

The maximum line speeds that subscribers use up with the ISPs are another factor.
For example, someone on a 4Mbps DSL connection would not be able to achieve a streaming bitrate that is much faster than 3.5Mbps.
So an ISP using a lower average bitrate may have more customers who might have signed up for cheaper and slower plans than an ISP with an average that is more than 4Mbps.

Therefore, the Netflix index is not really a ranking of which ISPs are faster and which are slower, but more an average that considers many factors.

Another element that most likely affects the results is that some countries have far fewer ISPs on the index than others.
While South Africa has a complete top 10 list, Jamaica has no more than 3 ISPs listed, and the Philippines and Costa Rica only have 5 ISPs on their respective charts.

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