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Zambia: SuperSport Introduces New Outside Broadcast Partner And Restates Commitment To Zambia

SuperSport has been a big supporter of the Zambian Football League since 2012 and has invested over US$ 5.3 million in licence fee payments to the Football Association of Zambia over the years to broadcast league matches and game highlights to the football fans.

Now, SuperSport has joined forces with the African production house, Vision View, to cover all the live action of its outside broadcasts.
SuperSport will still, however, host all its usual league coverage on its selection of channels, but the technical side of its outside broadcasts will be now be handled by Vision View.

Vision View is a bold production company that has its headquarters in South Africa. It is very proud of its strong African roots. The production firm has a young, highly skilled and creative staff complement, capable of undertaking every element of live TV broadcasts, including outside broadcasts, high-quality editing facilities as well as a variety of HD camera equipment.

For the SuperSport live feeds, Vision View will make use of its four outside broadcast vans, which have enough space six to 24 cameras and are fully fitted with top-of-the-range technology. The vans were previously used to broadcast live PSL, Currie Cup, Varsity Cup and MultiChoice Diski Challenge games, and have also offered facilities for international cricket tournament coverage in the SADC region.

MultiChoice’s vision for its partnership with Vision View is to continually collaborate with African enterprises in bringing world-class content to the continent while uplifting and engaging local communities.

SuperSport has for a long time been committed to sponsoring and covering Super League matches live on its various SuperSport channels, ensuring that the game reaches millions of Zambian fans every week.

This plays a crucial role in helping to build Zambia’s football sector, as these broadcasts allow clubs to gain sponsorships and ticket sales while also supporting careers in sports and creating more funding opportunities for sports development.

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