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DSTV: Comedy Central Rebrands For The First Time In Eight Years

DStv channel 122, Comedy Central has unveiled its first rebrand in eight years, which aims to put the spotlight on the pay-TV channel’s diverse range of shows and its online content rather than to overshadow it.

Comedy Central was founded in 1989 by broadcaster Home Box Office (HBO) as an American, cable channel devoted exclusively to comedy. It was officially launched in 1991.

It is now owned by Viacom and has since gained a global audience with channels in Asia, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. It features a selection of shows from series to stand-up and feature films, including favourites like Broad City and South Park.

The rebrand was designed by New York-based studio Loyalkaspar in collaboration with Comedy Central’s in-house design team. It features a refreshed version of the brand’s existing “C” symbol, which is a “C” placed inside another backwards “C”, next to a new wordmark written in bespoke sans-serif typeface.

This fresh, new logo features a new colour palette, which uses a yellow shade together with black and white as its primary colours, alongside a palette of orange, red, green, blue and grey to represent the different TV shows and content.

The rebrand is the first large-scale visual update the channel has seen since 2011, and the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Creative at Comedy Central, Josh Line says that the new brand’s goal is to create consistency across the channel’s various outlets and show how its offering has evolved since its last rebrand.
For that reason, the Executive Director at Loyalkaspar, Anna Minkkinen said that the core idea behind the channel’s new branding is “everything is content” which looked to showcase the channel’s shows and allow the brand to take a back-seat.

Line added that the new brand’s flexibility would allow it to be a “blank canvas” to deliver different content while still remaining recognisable.
When asked who the target audience of the brand is, Line responded that it varies by market and that the ultimate aim of the rebrand is not to try to reach a particular demographic but to instead capture anyone looking to enjoy comedy.

The new Comedy Central brand is currently being rolled out worldwide across all touchpoints, including digital platforms, TV, radio, social media, digital and print advertising and merchandise.

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