Nigeria Hits 31% Broadband Penetration Goal

The Nigerian Communications Commission confirmed that Nigeria had reached its target of 31 percent broadband penetration.

In a statement, the NCC said that the data was based on factual indices, contrary to some insinuations that the country was nowhere near the 31 percent mark.

The National Broadband Plan, which ran from 2013 to 2018, gave the country five years to attain a minimum of 30 per cent from the weak 5 percent that it had in 2013.

The statement said that despite drawbacks in the industry, the telecommunications sector remains one of the most consistent contributors to the economy with more than 10.43 percent contribution to the Gross Domestic Product in quarter 2 of 2018, boosting the employment rate both directly and indirectly.
It added that the broadband plan with a target of 30 per cent by 2018 was set up by the Federal Government.

The statement mentioned that broadband penetration is usually measured by the percentage of the total population that has access to broadband networks out of each hundred.

The NCC went on to say that issues had been raised about using the UN figure as a baseline. On that note, it urged anyone that was questioning these figures to feel free to calculate the broadband penetration growth using any other accurate population baseline.

The statement assured the reader that the NCC’s announcement that Nigeria had attained 30.9 per cent broadband penetration was accurate, logical and was supported by available data that is in its custody.

In conclusion, the NCC assured all readers of the statement that the Nigerian Communications Commission had been very transparent with industry data and that its website continues to be updated on a monthly basis with the latest industry performance data that shows stakeholders a fair picture of the overall performance of the industry.

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