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Chinese-Backed Dating Show Takes African Countries By Storm

Godfred Wafula, a 25-year-old restaurant waiter, and Deiz Nandako, a 21-year-old student at the University of Nairobi had never imagined that they would find love as a result of the filming of Hello Mr Right, a blind dating TV show in Kenya produced by a Chinese company.
This particular couple, along with many other potential lovebirds, recently found partners on the show.

Hello Mr Right was created by the Chinese digital television provider TopStar, an entity of StarTimes. The Beijing-based company is a media group that now has 10 million subscribers across 30 countries on the African continent.

The company has a significant base of media networks and young viewers across Africa. StarTimes provided technical support for the filming and production. This is the very first time a Chinese company has collaborated with African television stations to produce a dating program.

The show’s format is simple. Eight women each stand behind a podium in an arc. A single man gets on the stage. A video clip introduces his background such as his interests, occupation, dating history and what he is looking for in a partner.

Participants of the show are given an opportunity to show off their talents with a dance or a song to spice things up. Women can decide if the man is worthy of a date or not by keeping a light on or turning it off. The man then gets to select his pick from the women who have their lights on. After asking his final questions, he then makes a decision by taking the winning lady’s hand or walks away alone.

After successful runs in Zambia, the program is scheduled to premiere in Kenya soon.

The collaboration between production teams from Africa and China sparked opportunities and challenges at the same time.

The host of Hello Mr Right in Zambia, Brian Mulamba appreciated the incorporation of Chinese resources and latest technology and said that China's media and broadcasting industry is far more advanced than Zambia's, so this joint effort helps introduce Zambia to the latest trends in broadcasting and television.

Since its arrival in Zambia, the show has set a brand new record for the channel's best ratings. It is watched by 3.11 percent of the audience in Uganda and by 2.58 percent of Nigeria’s TV audience.

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