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FG Rolls Out 5 Mobile Radio Frequency Monitoring Equipment In Nigeria

Debayo Shittu, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, has introduced five mobile radio frequency monitoring equipment and a national spectrum management system for the effective monitoring of the frequency bands used to offer radio communication services in Nigeria.
The minister said that the equipment had cost nine million dollars, and added that it would guarantee the most effective spectrum management in the country.
He declared that the project would not only decrease the illegal and irregular use of radio frequency but would also ensure that the users abided by the relevant laws and regulations.
According to Shittu, the project would ensure the protection of radio frequencies and ensure that the frequencies are used according to the guiding laws.
Radio frequency monitoring is a process of investigating the use of radio frequency spectrum. It is also used to identify and detect the source of electromagnetic emission, direction and a radio communication station's possible location and its equipment.
The minister also explained that the national spectrum management system would create a reliable database of all licensed users and would carry out spectrum management functions which would include engineering analysis and also monitor control activities.
He said that the project would include two Denial of Service equipment to operate as one of the enforcement tools that could be applied to deny services to any non-compliant user of the frequency spectrum.
Shittu addressed Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), as well as organisations and private individuals that use the frequency spectrum for communication and for the transmission of data.
He urged them all to ensure that they first obtained the requisite authorisation from the ministry to make use of the radio frequency spectrum before procuring and operating any radio communication equipment.
He added that those presently using the frequency spectrum without authorisation should apply for the legal paperwork or face sanctions.
Onawo Ogoshi, the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Information Communication Technology, said that he couldn’t emphasise the importance of the project enough.
He thanked the ministry for its hard work and urged the minister to make sure that the project would be put to the best use.

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