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Audiences In Egypt And North Africa Binge On Free-To-Air TV

There are more than 500 free-to-air channels available through NileSAT to North Africa and the Middle East. This is by far the highest number all around the globe of free TV on one satellite.

The Egyptian Satellite Company was started in 1996, and it operates according to the free zones rules within the specified Media-Free zones near Cairo.

While taking part in the Union of African Journalists programme in Egypt recently, ICT specialists and journalists toured the base that provides all the communication services networks for the North African country.

NileSAT manages and operates the broadcasting satellites and their Uplink Earth Stations and Ground Control Earth Stations.
Owned by a number of organisations and banks, NileSAT has so far been able to launch three satellites- the first one in 1998, another one in 2000 and the most recent one in August this year.

NileSAT provides digital direct to home radio and TV channels enabled on one network. The TV channels increased rapidly from just 55 in 1998 to more than 700 by 2013 with an additional 99 radio channels.

Dr Mohamed Ahmed Zayan of NileSAT said that NileSAT’s aim is to provide the highest quality of technology in internet coverage and radio broadcast. He also noted that NileSAT would soon be expanding to increase its coverage throughout Africa.

Before 1998, analogue technology was what was being used.  This meant that there would only be one channel for every one transponder, as opposed to current times now where more than 20 channels can be viewed through one transponder.

In total NileSAT has over 1167 satellites in orbit for remote sensing, commercial communications, meteorological use, navigation, scientific use, national security and research and development.

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