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South Africa: SIU Report Exposes Irregularities In R185m SABC Security Tender

In South Africa, a preliminary Special Investigating Unit probe has discovered that a R185m ($12 mil) SABC security tender was irregularly granted by its interim board and should now be set aside.
The SIU said that these initial investigations revealed that the SABC had violated its own procurement policies in awarding the tender to the second-ranked bidder Mafoko Security, which allegedly was R2m ($130 000,00) more pricey than the highest ranked bidder Mjayeli Security. The tender was for the rendering of security services to the SABC over a period of five years.

A forensic investigator for SIU, Jande van der Merwe said that the unit's preliminary findings on the granting of the security tender have further solidified to the investigation unit that the way in which the SABC's bid evaluations committee was managed was irregular.
She said in an affidavit filed at the South Gauteng High Court that the SIU had also provisionally reached the conclusion that the public broadcaster had violated the constitutional requirement that procurement must be conducted using a system that is transparent, fair, equitable, cost-effective and competitive.

She also said that the SIU was currently investigating a plethora of allegations of maladministration and corruption linked to the security tender and identified by the board chairperson Bongumusa Makhathini.
In a letter penned to the unit dated March 1 2018, he reported that some whistleblowers that had knowledge of incidents of corruption, fraud and irregularities regarding the evaluation process that had led up to the recommendation stages of the tender process.

Other SIU investigations included the seemingly irregular payment of bonuses to SABC’s senior management as well as a legends concert where payments of R2.4 million were allegedly paid to 53 performing artists.

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