Nigeria: Atcon Wants NCC And NBC To Collaborate On TV White Space for Broadband

The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) has urged the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to sort out the framework and modalities that would help the industry take full advantage of all opportunities presented by the TV White Space Technology to install broadband services in Nigeria.

Olusola Teniola, the President of ATCON, said that the two regulators should work towards eradicating challenges confronting the authorisation of TV White Space technology, by seeking the assistance of Dynamic Spectrum Alliance that has helped many countries that are using the technology to install broadband.

The Vice President of ATCON, Ikechukwu Nnamani said that Nigeria had not yet achieved its set goals for faster internet and more extensive broadband penetration because it had not capitalised on unused television frequencies in the wireless spectrum, also known as 'White space'.

He argued that the country had a slow pace of broadband penetration because of the challenges which come with broadband installation via fibre cable, especially in rural areas.
According to him, Nigeria's hope of achieving improved penetration would be under threat if the TV white space penetration method is not fully adopted.
Nnamani explained that the unused frequencies in the spectrum would benefit subscribers and investors over and above making internet access available to all areas of the country.

Nnamani also affirmed the significance of the effective partnering of industry stakeholders to its implementation.

The President of Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, Kalpak Gude, noted that in most regions of Africa, including Nigeria, spectrum was grossly underutilised.

He explained that with the right structures in place, making use of the TV white space in broadband penetration would provide significant benefit to Nigerians, while also creating confidence for and mobile operators and Internet Service providers (ISPs).

Gude added that the use of TV white space would be crucial in the journey towards providing connectivity to rural areas and places with low population density at a low cost.

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