Liquid Telecom And Western Cape Plan To Offer Public Wi-Fi to 6.6 Million People

In South Africa, Liquid Telecom has recently joined forces with the Western Cape government to bring up the number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots across the region from an insignificant 178 to 1,600.

This will offer 6.6 million residents access to the internet at all the government buildings across the Western Cape.

The Western Cape premier, Helen Zille said that they had reached their target of complete broadband coverage with 1,875 sites in total, including more than 1,200 schools, over 200 libraries, and more than 400 other public facilities.
She added that broadband plays a significant role in the Western Cape’s eLearning Game Changer programme, which aims at enhancing teaching and learning.

Liquid Telecom SA CEO, Reshaad Sha said that he was proud to be taking part in the rolling out of such a positive initiative. He added that the project aligned with Liquid Telecom’s mission to ‘Build Africa’s Digital Future’ by providing individuals and communities with high-speed Internet across towns, cities, and villages.

The new network will offer 3GB of data per device per month, at higher speeds than what is currently available.

The hotspots will be installed over the next three years.

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