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SABC Wants Hlaudi Motsoeneng To Pay Back R21.7 million

The severely cash-strapped South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) is attempting to recover R21.7 million (over $1.5 mil USD) from its disgraced former boss, Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Included in that amount are an illegal succession fee and R10.2-million (almost $800 000,00) for illegal dismissals and appointments.
The unit warned it was also seeking a R2.4-million (close to $150 000,00 USD) fee paid to musical legends.
Motsoeneng’s list of delinquencies while serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the SABC read like a very long rap sheet.
Even though the ever-defiant Motsoeneng has steadfastly denied that any fraud or corruption had ever taken place under his watch, the national broadcaster has not fallen for his denials and has resolved to recover all losses that it believes came to pass because of recklessness in the hands of Motsoeneng.

In a final desperate attempt to bring Motsoeneng to account, the SABC has welcomed the help of the Special Investigative Unit (SIU).
The Head of the SIU, Advocate Andy Mothibi said that its thorough investigations into Motsoeneng’s era in office had uncovered significant irregularities which will be laid out before the courts in due course.

In a recent radio interview, Mothibi reported that the SIU had focused all its efforts on two issues; a highly controversial MultiChoice contract and extravagant salary increases which still remain unjustified by the national broadcaster.
Mothibi explained that Motsoeneng’s lengthy legal wranglings had suppressed legal charges brought forward on behalf of the SABC.
Mothibi declared that the SIU’s investigation had revealed irregularities that took place under Motsoeneng’s watch and also under his accountability, therefore, the court papers had been issued to him.
Mothibi added that the case had been referred to the High Court in February this year, but Motsoeneng’s legal representatives had raised some legal technicalities which have prolonged the matter.

The SIU has responded to those exceptions that were raised and are now waiting on a court date when both parties will argue their cases in court.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng continues to deny any wrongdoing whatsoever and has repeatedly argued that both the SABC and SIU are barking up the wrong tree. The former SABC boss added that the SIU’s case against him was meritless.
Motsoeneng said in his era at the SABC, especially in matters where he was directly involved, there was no fraud or corruption. He insists that the SIU’s case against him is non-existent.

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