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Comparitech has unveiled the outcomes of research done on which countries pay the least and the most for Netflix, based on their monthly subscription fee and the amount of content made available in their area.

Seventy-eight countries were analysed, using information from online sources to verify the volume of content on Netflix in each of the relevant states.
It turns out that Netflix customers in the United States have the most content out of all the regions, but they do not get the best value for money.
Instead, Canada is the country in which subscribers pay the least average cost per title on the platform.

The analysis found massive inconsistencies between countries when comparing the value of a Netflix subscription in each state.
The difference between the most cost-effective and least cost-effective countries came to over 100%.

Compared to Canada and the United States, South Africa does not have a massive library of content.
South Africa has a total of 4,291 titles which include 2,792 movies and 1,499 TV shows.

However, South Africa easily has the largest Netflix library out of all the African countries and falls far below average when it comes to cost per title.
The minimum monthly subscription to Netflix’s content in South Africa is R99 ($7.00) per month, resulting in the small cost of $0.00160 – or just over R0.02 per title.
South Africa certainly does not have the most content or the cheapest subscription rates, but it definitely fares better than most countries when it comes to value for money.

When looking at only the monthly cost of Netflix, Brazil was found to be the cheapest country in the world to watch Netflix. Following closely behind Brazil is Mexico, then Colombia and Chile.
Right behind these American countries is South Africa, which places it in fifth place on the list of cheapest countries for Netflix globally.

On the other hand, Denmark takes first prize for being the most expensive country in the world for Netflix at 36.6% higher than the average subscription fee.
Other countries that are expensive for Netflix subscriptions include Norway, Switzerland, Ireland and Sweden.

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