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Demand For High-Speed Mobile Internet Rises In Zambia

Recent research from the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) confirms government reports that there is significant local demand for high-speed internet accessed via mobile devices.

Statistics have shown that the number of Zambians using internet through mobile devices has now increased from 7.1 million to 7,910,995 in less than a year.
The increase is due to more affordable data service packages being rolled out by operators in the country.

A 5GB data bundle can now be purchased for less than $8.00, which would have previously only been enough to buy less than 2GB.
Airtel Zambia, MTN Zambia and Zamtel all say that the reduction is made possible by the rise in data penetration and the growth in the number of data customers.
Some of the incentives being introduced include free data bundles when recharging phones.

Recently the state-owned Zamtel launched its 4G technology on mobile on the Copperbelt.
Freelance Bwalya, Zamtel’s Chief Technical Officer, said that the primary objective of the launch was to make sure that the company could handle the increasing volumes of data because of the insatiable appetite for high-speed internet.
Bwalya said that currently the company is focused on accelerating the roll-out of 4G to a few more regions and making sure that there is enough high-speed mobile broadband coverage throughout the country.
He added that Zamtel’s end-goal is not about keeping track of the activities of other operators but responding to the loud cries of data demand from all of the data-hungry customers in the Copperbelt region.

The number of people that make use of mobile internet is expected to rise as operators upgrade and expand their networks to attract more customers and ultimately to secure market share.

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