MTN Buys Simfy Africa

MTN CEO, Rob Shuter announced during a speech at AfriCom 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa, that MTN has acquired Simfy Africa, a local music streaming house which Shuter referred to as “Africa’s leading music streaming business”.

In the coming weeks MTN looks forward to launching a music streaming service in Africa through Simfy; however, the telecom operator does not wish to impose its image on the brand of the streaming company.

The CEO continued to say that Simfy would continue to operate as an independent business with its own dedicated team. He declared that it would not be rebranded as an MTN brand but would maintain its own identity.

MTN already offers music streaming services like MTN Music and therefore wants to support the development of Simfy Africa by giving it some level of independence.
Shuter said that Simfy Africa has an impressive music catalogue of more than 42 million tracks and it also has standing arrangements with all the major music record labels.
He added that the massive amount of music that is provided by Simfy would certainly compliment MTN’s existing digital offering, that already includes the highly popular MTN Music+, as it would give the customers a broader and more diverse music proposition.

Not every aspect of Simfy will remain unchanged though. Already the architecture has been completely taken apart and rebuilt to be cloud-based with micro-services-based architecture that was built on Amazon Web Services.
MTN says it is preparing to push Simfy into its own base throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Shuter said that the plan is to run Simfy like an OTT service so that even people who use other networks will be able to enjoy the service as it will not be exclusive to only MTN users.
He concluded by saying that when it comes to media services, MTN believes that music is a service that is of utmost importance because it has the most resonance, demand and support from customers.

Shuter also admitted that even though MTN had historically operated as MTN Music and had numerous different platforms in various markets, this new addition would definitely be a highlight in the evolution of MTN’s overall portfolio.

Simfy, which was originally available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, was launched in South Africa as a unit under Primedia in August 2012.
The music streaming brand became shareholder-owned after a management buyout a few years ago until it was placed into liquidation in April 2015.

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