Angola Cables And Broadband Infraco Pen Connectivity Deal

Recently at AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa, multinational telco Angola Cables inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Broadband Infraco to provide internet connectivity within Africa.

Broadband Infraco provides SADC connectivity and regional long-distance network coverage. According to information supplied, the company supposedly has over 14 960km of fibre network across South Africa and around 156 Points of Presence (PoPs).

António Nunes, Angola Cables CEO, said that the partnership would simplify and fast-track internet connectivity in Africa
He said that it would now be possible to connect Brazil and South Africa to other BRICS nations of India, Russia and China through a high speed, low latency connection in a way that would accelerate international co-operation on many levels and also promote economic development and enable new opportunities for digital content exchange all over the region.

The CEO of Broadband Infraco, Andrew Matseke said that the partnership is crucial in the development of digital connectivity in South Africa and Africa as Broadband Infracon already has POPs and fibre connectivity options to all neighbouring SADC countries. Matseke was confident that the partnership with Angola Cables subsea networks would make it possible to share international traffic and content that could unlock new business opportunities for SADC countries.

Nunes added that Angola Cables would support its new partner in other projects that are of national importance and which are in need of global network connectivity. An example of this would be the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, the world's biggest telescope where Broadband Infraco is the primary supplier of international capacity to Europe. Nunes declared that given the massive data requirements, the scientific information could now be shared with other entities.
The partners added that their alliance would advance business channel synergies and also provide South African consumers with an improved usage that would mainly be a benefit to the gaming community - or other users requiring larger volumes of bandwidth via the SACS routing to South America.

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