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Kwesé TV Shut Down After Losing Legal Case

Econet Wireless’ pay satellite service, Kwesé TV has been shut down after losing a Supreme Court battle in which the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) had accused it of not complying with the law.

Kwesé TV had been broadcasting in Zimbabwe using a licence which had been awarded to Dr Dish. BAZ took the matter to the High Court in September last year arguing that Kwesé TV should no longer be allowed to operate because the licence given to Dr Dish was no longer valid as it had since been cancelled by the authority for failure by Dr Dish to render service.

The pay TV service provider was already boasting 40 000 subscribers on October 25 when Justice Tendai Uchena ruled that High Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe had made a mistake by ordering in favour of Dr Dish and allowing Kwesé TV to operate even though it was clear it had violated the terms and conditions of its licence.

Justice Uchena said that the second appellant of the court had every right to exercise his powers of justice to cancel the respondent's licence.
He added that Dr Dish had failed to comply with its licence’s terms and conditions by providing service from Econet Media (Mauritius) when the terms and conditions of its licence had very clearly required it to provide service from MY TV Africa.

In response, Dr Dish explained that its initial partner, MY TV Africa (Dubai) had lost its content rights over Zimbabwe and, therefore, it had then partnered up with Econet Media (Mauritius), and the latter would replace MY TV Africa as the content supplier.

After the Supreme Court ruling, Kwesé TV announced that the market had shifted since it launched services and that the company had adjusted its strategy to remain with its three core services: video-on-demand platform Kwesé iflix, the free-to-air Kwesé Free Sports, and the streaming service Kwesé Play.

Kwesé TV’s subscription services and channel offering were shut down on November 1, 2018.

Kwesé continues to operate in 11 markets across Africa.

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