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Niger Prepares To Install DTT In December

The Chairman of the National Technical Committee For Digital (CTN), Abdoulaye Coulibaly declared that Digital terrestrial television (DTT) is currently operational in Niamey and it was now on the way to becoming a reality in Niger. Coulibaly announced in a statement that the official launch of DTT in Niger would take place before the end of December and that the authorities would be distributing free decoders to the citizens of Niger.

According to Coulibaly, the technical device was already in place and ready. He stated that all equipment was installed and operational at the Niamey Multiplex main center that is located at PK5. He added that the staff had already completed training on the first phase of equipment control and ORTN’s technical staff trained was now fully equipped to take over the operating of the equipment.

The Chairman further declared that all the viewers in Niamey that were having televisions equipped with integrated decoders would receive Niger’s DTT bouquet. A prototype decoder had already been tested on October 30th, and the reception of the HD DTT signal received the go-ahead as it proved to be technically satisfactory.

The satellite broadcast on ArabSat Badr6, was also said to be available for reception of the bouquet. Coulibaly said that any viewer in Africa and the Middle East would be able to capture the DTT Niger bouquet in digital quality through a satellite dish and that currently, the two public channels and thirteen private channels were already available on the DTT Niger package, for an impressive capacity of 20 channels.

This shift to DTT has already made a good impression on the Nigerien consumers in Niamey, who possess an appreciation for televisions with the built-in DTT decoder.


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