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Nigeria: TVC Communications Revamps Its TV Arm With A Brand Refresh

Nigeria’s frontrunning independent TV, radio and online broadcasting company, TVC Communications has unveiled a fresh new brand identity for its market-leading family entertainment channel, TVC.

The on-air changes were made as a result of extensive market research done by engaging the audience and advertisers. The outcomes of the study painted a picture that proved that many believed the channel branding was outdated, old-fashioned, boring and was not consistent with a modern and young Nigerian audience.

Andrew Hanlon, the Chief Executive Officer of TVC Communications, said that the revamp delivered a new brand identity which would resonate with of all the critical elements identified in that research and was the creative brainchild of some of Nigeria’s most talented graphic artists and designers, from both inside and outside of TVC.

He added that the new look is a reflection of TVC’s core audience of 15 to 39-year old’s who are young and modern, bright, ambitious and international in their outlook, yet still very much in touch with their Nigerian heritage and fiercely proud of it.

Aside from the channel’s trendy new look, viewers can look forward to new promos and channel logos which show off the unique richness, diversity and ethnicity of Nigeria and its people in beautifully crafted visuals, captured in 4K digital motion photography, which highlights the country’s youth in traditional tribal costumes.

TVC viewers will also see legendary Nigerian personalities unpacking what “Pure Entertainment” means to them.

“Pure Entertainment” is the new positioning statement of TVC as it encompasses the diverse range of family entertainment available on the channel.

According to Andrew Hanlon, the new brand identity highlights the values and interests of today’s modern entertainment audience which will be shown across all TVC programming content, genres and formats.

Hanlon concluded by declaring that TVC is watched by approximately four million Nigerians daily, and as one of the country’s largest and most essential broadcasters it was important for the brand to reflect the ambition of the platform’s viewers and the renewed direction of the channel.

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