Kenya: Showmax Uses Local Shows To Fight Off Competitors

Video-on-demand (VoD) company, Showmax is relying on exclusive local content to fight off competition in the local market by its most aggressive rival Netflix.

In its latest strategy, Showmax will no longer show content that has already been aired on its sister platforms.

Two years ago Showmax pledged to emphasise local content during its launch in Kenya, so it seems that this is the direction that Showmax wants to take in all the countries that it services.

The VoD service company is an entity of the internet giant Naspers, which is also the mother company of pay TV operator, MultiChoice.

Sharleen Samat, the Regional Head of Content at MultiChoice said that the launch of the operator’s talent factory in October fits perfectly into the group’s strategy of ensuring that its services, including Showmax, continue to deliver content that is of relevance to the locals.

The talent factory is currently training 20 students with the intention of turning them into professional filmmakers.

Samat said that Showmax already has an attractive offering when it comes to series and movies but is now exploring new ways of remaining relevant to the people by introducing new and exclusive programmes.
She added that the content was not necessarily what had already aired in the other sister-platforms but it was material that is exclusive to Showmax.
Showmax is hopeful that this new strategy will help its offering to remain healthy and competitive during these trying times where viewers have an abundance of alternative viewing options.

ShowMax initially targeted the South African market and was launched in August 2015, but has since extended its reach to over 30 more countries in Africa.

The service was the second VoD provider to be introduced in Kenya after Netflix, which had rolled out its services to most of the world in 2016.

Netflix is still Showmax’s biggest competitor locally, and this has inspired Showmax’s latest strategy of offering more exclusive and local programmes.

VoD is a very competitive market field, and Showmax is prepared to compete aggressively in that field because their team believes that it is not only about good content but also about the customer accessing the material in a manner that that is as cost-effective as possible.


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