Vodacom Extends Its Reach To 19 New African Countries

A subsidiary company of Vodafone Group, Vodacom has extended its reach to 19 new African countries. By taking on the 19 new states, Vodacom has already reached up to an impressive 28 markets.

As impressive as Vodacom’s performance is, the mobile communications service provider plans to increase this number to servicing 47 countries in Africa.

With the assistance of Vodacom Business, the telecoms giant has almost signified its presence in most African countries with its fixed connectivity.

This rapid speed in its development supports the ambitions of the company to provide an improved service for its customers in all the countries that it services.

Also, Vodacom’s network provides safe and reliable connectivity for multinational organisations.

Guy Clake, The Managing Director of Vodacom Business Africa Group, said that organisations globally are digitally transforming their DNAs across all customer associations in an effort to maintain a competitive advantage and to remain relevant to the customer’s fast-changing needs.

Clarke adds that this is the peace-of-mind that CTO’s have enjoyed over the years when making use of Vodacom’s extensive network, knowing that they will soon be able to boost their global capabilities in these 47 African markets further, to get closer to their local customers while simultaneously focusing on their core business value propositions.

The Managing Director concluded by declaring that coupled with this latest expansion, Vodacom’s ongoing Software-Defined network transformation program is set to re-enforce the mobile operator’s mission to be a strategic enabler at the heart of all its customers’ digital transformations.

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