Multichoice and Vodacom Collaborate To Offer Free Access To Showmax

Mobile operator Vodacom has joined forces with Naspers owned Showmax to introduce a deal with free access to Showmax for three months. This deal also comes ready with streaming data at no additional cost to the customer.
Existing customers who had already signed up to Shoxmax through Vodacom will also receive the “free” data.

The promotion is on offer only to Vodacom customers, who can add a Showmax subscription to their bill between the 1st November 2018 and the 31st January 2019 to get 15GB of free Showmax data. This means the customer would receive 5GB per month for all three months.

Showmax says that in addition to this, the standard Showmax R99 per month subscription fee will be waived for the three months. There will be no contract or lock-in period.

To sign up for this deal, go to, with the deal open to both prepaid and contract customers.

Once the user’s free three-month period is done, they can then take up the option to subscribe to Showmax at a discounted rate of R49 per month for the following nine months, instead of the standard R99 per month.

In total, this means that a full year of Showmax, which would under normal circumstances cost R1,188, will now only cost R441.

The video-on-demand platform added that the Showmax app, also, offers bandwidth-capping functionality which enables users to use fewer data to stream content.
The Head of Showmax Africa, Chris Savides said that the exorbitant cost of mobile data had been a serious challenge for many customers wanting to enjoy video streaming services. That is why this deal between Showmax and Vodacom is so necessary at this time.


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