Nigerians Struggle With Shaky Expensive Broadband Internet

The absence of last mile infrastructure is not the only the obstacle confronting broadband penetration in Nigeria. There are countless other issues such as Nigeria’s unreliable power supply, lack of policy framework for broadband infrastructure development and a lot of regulations and taxation.

The managing director at Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, Mohammed Rudman recently said that the lack of broadband availability is because of frequent fibre cuts caused by sabotage and projects such as road construction.

The chairman at Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), Gbenga Adebayo said that government should do more than grant licenses to eliminate problems like obstructions to smooth network operations- where operators are forced to pay charges that are not legalised, and vandalisation.

Adebayo added that broadband services depend on the availability of bandwidth and that investment was encouraged in order to distribute this service to all areas of the country for everyone to experience the broadband revolution.

A4AI was in full agreement with this and said governments needed to do more to ensure that more people can afford internet connectivity soon.

A4AI declared that even though there had been an increase in the recognition of the relationship between online access and economic growth, not much had been done to drive internet prices down with policy scores going up by just one per cent since last year.


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