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Canal + International Introduces Its First Original Series In Africa

Canal + International will be launching its first original series in Africa. The exciting new series is called Invisibles and will be playing exclusively on the Canal + International platform at the end of this month.

Invisibles was Co-produced by Canal + International and Tsk Studios. It is a large-scale production that is also supported by the Fonds Image de la Francophonie (OIF), and it has also gained much support from the French Media Development Agency (CFI).

The multi-talented scriptwriter, Ivorian actor, director of production and director, Alex Ogou, created and directed this captivating new series and he cannot wait for the African audience to watch and enjoy this labour of love that he has put together.  The series Invisibles tells a story of the initiatory journey of Chaka and his big sister Hadjara who suddenly make the critical decision to leave their indebted parents.

The series throws the viewer into a society thriller where lawless children organise themselves in an ultraviolet band to survive the hardships of life together.  Invisibles exposes a social phenomenon on a world scale around a confused youth who is fighting for a better life.

Invisibles is a highly ambitious series with its unique theme and its large-scale 100% African production team.  The series marks the launch of Canal + Original, a label that promotes innovative and bold fiction that is exclusively produced and interpreted by the amazing African talents of the future.

Invisibles has already gained a fair amount of critical acclaim by taking home the Best French Foreign Fiction Prize awarded at the 20th La Rochelle Fiction Festival last September.  Canal + International has announced that it is incredibly proud to accompany and participate in the exposure of all the African talents through the production of Invisibles.


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