Public Hearings Held On New Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) conducted public hearings from the 6th to the 7th September 2018 at its Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa on the draft IMT850 Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan (RFSAP) for the frequencies 825 MHz to 830 MHz and 870 MHz to 875 MHz.

The IMT850 radio frequency band has been reserved for International Mobile Telephony (IMT) systems, i.e. mobile systems that grant access to a variety of electronic communications services, such as advanced broadband mobile services, powered by mobile and fixed networks, which are increasingly packet-based.

The radio frequency assignment plan drives the future use of the band including migration as stipulated in the radio frequency spectrum regulations.

Changes in the use of a radio frequency band or bands must be actioned through a Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan for the radio frequency spectrum bands following the process specified in the latest Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations.

When it comes to the radio frequency migration process, a Radio Frequency Assignment Plan may include:
- The method for moving existing users and usages from their existing spectrum location, specifying the bands to which the users and uses will be reallocated; including in-band migration where applicable.

- The timescale for the migration of the radio frequency band in question, specifying the date at which the users to be reallocated should stop transmission.

A Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan will be subject to public consultation.

The Authority will publish the Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plan in the Government Gazette, inviting interested people to submit written representations as stipulated by the notice in the Gazette.

The Authority may, after any prescribed period for lodging comments by interested people has passed, conduct a public hearing to discuss the application.

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