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Nigeria: Reps Call For Assisted Learning on TV And Radio

A bill requesting to amend the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act, to provide radio and television contents that promotes improved education among Nigerian pupils has passed second reading in the Nigerian House of Representatives.

The “National Broadcasting Commission Amendment Bill, 2018,” is an amendment that intends to mandate all private and public television and radio stations in Nigeria to provide exclusive education programmes that will cover all the subjects in the school curriculum.

The sponsors submitted that if amended, all TV and radio stations in Nigeria, including Star Times, DStv etc., would be legally compelled to dedicate channels and programming to teaching students subjects that are the in line with approved school curricula.

The sponsors also added that qualified instructors would be employed by the service provider to teach the pupils via online visual tutorials to encourage learning and improve the standard of education in Nigeria. They noted that the overall aim of this proposal is to strengthen the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) as a critical regulator of broadcasting in Nigeria.

The lawmakers further argued that such innovation might turn out to be more effective than books in teaching and learning because educational technology is still at its infant stage in Nigeria. Over the years, Nigeria has gone through a significant transition in the field of educational technology after identifying its importance in the improvement and further development of the Nigerian educational system.

Educational TV and radio will definitely be a tool that will motivate Nigerian students and show them that their government is invested in making sure that they learn and become stellar contributors in modern day society.

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