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Open News Prepares To Take Television News By Storm

eMedia Investments will be launching Open News, on Thursday, 1 November 2018. The channel will provide the free-to-air satellite platform’s latest news offering, and this news broadcast will be available exclusively on Openview.

Open News will keep its viewers entertained and informed and with a swift overview of the top international and local news stories. The channel sports a relaxed personality-driven format through which its news anchors will unpack the top stories, share some opinions and engage with the viewers in real time.

The Managing Director of Open News, Nisa Allie believes that is a much-needed addition to the current television news market. Allie said that Open News would offer viewers an entirely different way of experiencing the news. She also added that Open news provides a team of energetic and savvy video journalists who will be bringing with them a fresh, fluid, punchy and engaging approach to the stories which has never been witnessed before in the industry. Allie is excited that because of the latest technology that enables them to merge tv news with social media, Open News will be able to steer away from the traditional, stiff way of delivering the news.

Open News will broadcast from a spanking new interactive studio in Cape Town, which has been specially designed to enable anchors to weigh-in on content from numerous platforms. Open News will take an enthusiastic interest in what is trending and going viral, delving into showbiz, celebrity and sport in addition to the standard crime, courts and political news stories.

The Managing Director of channels, Marlon Davids said that as the first local news channel on the Openview stage, Open News is an exciting addition to their offering. He declared that this kind of news platform would not only be a first for just Openview but would also be a first for the country. For the first time ever, free-to-air viewers would really be able to experience the news in a lively, interactive and laid-back manner.


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