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DStv Teams Up With Joox To Provide Free Streaming Music

DStv has signed a deal with the music app Joox to offer a new package to its subscribers.

Thabiet Allie, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tencent Africa, declared that The new Joox VIP family package would be available exclusively to DStv subscribers. Allie also assured that this new addition would provide unmatched on-demand entertainment for all family members of different age groups at just the touch of a button.

The music streaming service competes with the likes of Spotify, Apple and Google and offers a selection of local and international music. Joox also provides unique features to users, such as karaoke and in-app competitions and rewards together with exclusive artist content, new playlists and the latest charts.

This move by MultiChoice comes in the midst of DStv losing many of its DStv Premium subscribers who have been cancelling either due to the weakening economy or because they are switching to new alternatives such as Netflix.

To have access to Joox, DStv subscribers need to download the app from an app store, tap on the Dstv logo in the main menu or your profile image, select Joox VIP and then select DStv customers. The next would be to enter the DStv account holder’s  South African ID number and finally enter the one-time pin that would be sent to the registered cellphone number. After doing that, the subscriber can enjoy the app and all the entertainment that comes with it.

Following the activation, the subscriber may add on family members so that everyone can start enjoying the music.


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