South Africa: Film Publication Board Is Collapsing Under Severe Mismanagement

According to South Africa's City Press, the country's Film and Publication Board (FPB) is falling apart because of mismanagement and non-compliance.

The FPB handles the categorisation of video games and films before they get released in South Africa.

City Press has reported that the board has irregularities within its management that could expose the organisation to serious risk.

The findings of an internal audit of the board’s governance unit revealed a “huge risk” within the group and exposed a significant problem regarding poor skills and capacity.

The report added that another massive problem within the FPB was a lack of standard operating procedures.

However, Ms Lynette Kamineth, The Head of Communications at FPB, denied the allegations stated in the reports, and also, declared that the recent demise of the board’s management structure was no longer a problem.

Kamineth said that the executive committee had recently been fully constituted with qualified and experienced employees and that the chief executive position was about to be filled, so there currently were no problems.


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