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First Shopping TV Channel Launches In Ethiopia

Nahoo Television launched Ethiopia’s first shopping channel ‘Mazesha Zone’, dedicated solely to commercials, demonstrations and presentations of products.

The broadcaster has already set up delivery systems, warehouses, e-payment mechanisms and credit schemes to make the operations of the satellite channel easier.

The station intends to promote up to 5,000 products within the next six months and will kick off by advertising an estimated 100 consumer goods and products.

Nahoo TV viewers will be able to place orders for the products advertised on the channel by making a call to a direct hotline. Information on the callers’ orders regarding the location of deliveries and name of the product will be gathered, and purchases above 36.17 USD  will be delivered at no additional cost to the buyer.

A major shareholder of Nahoo, Tewdoros Shiferaw, explained that the Ethiopian people much needed the home shopping channel because the nation’s markets are bustling and inconvenient to the point where new buyers are put off before even making a purchase. Shiferaw added that before this shopping channel, customers knew nothing about the quality of the product they were buying.

The broadcaster has already employed around 60 employees for this new operation, and more job opportunities are expected to arise from this initiative in the future. Companies who advertise their products on the channel are not required to pay for the product placement.


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