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South Africa: Expert Says SABC Must Drop TV Licence Funding Model

According to Martin Van Staden, a Free Market Foundation researcher, the SABC TV licence has overstayed its welcome in the country, and it is time for the SABC to stop forcing consumers to fund its operations by charging TV licence fees.

Van Staden said that the SABC TV licence had outlived its usefulness and that in other areas, such as America, there is no public broadcaster and broadcasting companies are funded mainly through subscriptions and advertising, yet the television sector is thriving without public funding.

Van Staden wrote a Free Market Foundation article, urging that the Broadcasting Act be amended to remove the obligation of paying for a TV licence. The researcher feels that keeping the SABC alive should not be the responsibility of the South African public.

The Broadcasting Act's section 27 requires that all South African households pay for a television licence if they own a TV.

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