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Netflix About To Launch Interactive TV shows

Netflix streaming service will be rolling out specials that will let viewers choose their desired storyline in a TV episode or movie. The first of these projects is expected to be released by the end of this year.

In one episode of the anticipated upcoming season of “Black Mirror,” the Emmy-winning science-fiction anthology series, viewers will get the opportunity to choose their storylines for the first time.

Interactive TV is a relatively new concept and seems to be an exciting new way for Netflix to keep its global customer base entertained by getting to choose their adventure. This blending of video games with traditional television is a winning formula that will spice up any series.

Netflix’s strategy of delivering shows on-demand rather than live was ground-breaking when it kicked off some years ago, but since then, Netflix hasn’t released any new initiatives, so subscribers much anticipate this new development.

Kids have also been catered for in many interactively animated programmes including ‘Puss in Boots’. Young viewers get to choose an alternative scenario after watching one version of the animation.

Later this year Netflix will be releasing a new animated series based on one of the world’s most popular video games, Minecraft.
Even though Netflix has two projects that are adaptations of video games, it has no plans to start releasing video games.

As this manner of tv viewing has never been tried before, there are teething issues that come along with the new concept such as confusion on how to negotiate payments with writers and producers because interactive shows require many storylines as opposed to the usual case of 1 main storyline per movie or show. These and other matters will need to be clarified for Netflix to move forward with the idea.

Netflix’s latest investment has given new hope to producers of interactive TV that soon they will have their opportunity to shine in the industry. Meanwhile, HBO, one of Netflix’s biggest rivals, released its first interactive TV show earlier this year.

Interactive tv is predicted to become a massive hit with viewers because being involved in the plot of a storyline is an idea that is sure to spark interest within a lot of people.


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