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Nigeria: COSON Operating License To Remain Suspended

Mr Afam Ezekude, the Director-General, Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has reiterated that the license of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has been and shall remain suspended until further notice.

Ezekude was responding to recent social media statements made by COSON claiming that the Federal High Court had ordered the NCC to reverse all action and processes relating to the suspension of its license as well as the freezing of its bank account.

He added that the commission had not received any such order from the Federal High Court regarding the suspension of the operating license of COSON and therefore urged everyone to ignore COSON’s statements on the matter.

Furthermore, Mr Ezekude disclosed that after the suspension of COSON’s operating license by the Commission in April 2018, a few members of COSON challenged the suspension by initiating a legal action. This lawsuit was subsequently struck out by Justice Liman on June 11, 2018, and no order was made against the Commission.

The Director-General has reiterated that COSON’s licence remains suspended in Nigeria and that COSON is not permitted to carry out any functions of a Collecting Society or to collect royalties for and on behalf of owners of Copyright in Music and Sound Recordings; until further notice.


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