Digital Migration

RLG Ltd Awarded The Contract To Manufacture Digibox For Digital TV In Ghana

RLG Ltd, a Ghanaian-owned technology company, has been given the contract to assembly Set Top Boxes (STBs) for Ghana as the country moves to the final stage of its Digital Migration. The local production of STBs in Ghana prompted the move.

RLG Ltd has also implemented a DTT contract in Nigeria where 150, 000,000 digital set-up boxes were produced and supplied. This was for the model phase of the migration effected by the Television Enterprises Limited, a subsidiary of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

RLG Ltd will produce 600,000 STBs each month for the next one year for the Ministry of Communications from the first quarter of 2017. The boxes will have the Conformance DTT standard logo on them.

The contract execution will centre around the broader framework of the new government’s policy of job creation, with jobs created for about 5,000 people, primarily youth with technological and business skills.

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