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South Africa - Hlaudi Motsoeneng Will Not Be Getting His Old Job Back At The SABC

Last Thursday, Mr. Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the former SABC chief operating officer (COO) finally lost his bid to get his job back at the state broadcaster.

The Commission for Conciliation‚ Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) dismissed Motsoeneng’s bid to be reinstated in his post at the SABC. This follows Motsoeneng’s 2017 dismissal from the state broadcaster after he gave a press briefing on 19 April 2017 where he defended his controversial “90% local” policy which he had implemented at the SABC.

Motsoeneng’ 90% local quota was an initiative driven by him to ensure that the broadcaster plays 90% local content on the television and radio broadcasts. The state broadcaster had found his statements to have brought the organisation into disrepute and Motsoeneng was found to have caused irreparable damage and loss to the SABC.

After the ruling Motsoeneng  said that he believes that he performed wonderfully in his position at the SABC and was on his way to ensuring that the broadcaster is a well-transformed machine. He said that he still believed that he was the best person to run the state broadcaster. Motsoeneng added that although he has much respect for the CCMA and believes that they are usually fair,  he still disagrees with the ruling and vows to continue his legal fight to get his job back.

The SABC has said that it welcomes the CCMA’s decision to dismiss Motsoeneng’s case and feels that this ruling shows that the public broadcaster’s processes are procedurally and substantively fair.
SABC spokesperson Neo Momodu has said that this ruling by the CCMA proves the effectiveness of all the strategies that the public broadcaster is putting in place in order to restore the integrity and the credibility of the corporation. Momodu also states that the SABC remains committed to enforcing well-grounded governance procedures that will re-establish a culture of accountability within the state broadcaster.

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