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Nigeria: Broadcasters, Advertisers And Media Marketers To Parley On Advertising And The Digital Broadcasting Ecosystem

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) and key industry partners in Nigeria are staging a 2-day industry forum to review the evolution and future of advertising and media marketing in the evolving landscape of the digital broadcasting ecosystem in Nigeria.
Advertising Innovations for Digital Broadcasting and Media is sponsored by SES (The Satellite Company). The Forum will address the many opportunities and challenges that the emerging broadcasting and media platforms will throw-up regarding advertising and media sales revenue vis-a-vis the broadcasters, content providers, advertising and marketers and other industry stakeholders.
Some of the big issues that the Forum will look at include:

  • How to successfully deliver advertising across multi-platform digital broadcasting platforms
  • The primacy of adequate regulation in the changing media landscape
  • Effective audience measurement for broadcasters
  • Dynamic Ad insertion - innovations and strategies
  • Location-based advertising – opportunities for revenue generation
BMA has confirmed that participation in the event is open to all within the broadcasting, advertising and media marketing in Nigeria. More information about the event can be found here.

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