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Surprising, TV Ratings In South Africa Improved in June 2018

The television ratings in South Africa has shown impressive ratings especially with traditional media in June with the kick-off of the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament but what is surprising is that these increased TV ratings have nothing to do with the ongoing football games in Russia.

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) has once more published data for June which is said to contain several errors and omissions without any form of explanation. Some of the discrepancies that were observed in the report include the BRC not listing any individual World Cup matches for SABC1 while a series titled "Generations" listed twice.

In the report, South African television delivered some interesting rating surprises in June. For example, the struggling SABC3 with barely 1 million viewers as it is actually attracted over 6 million viewers with some supposed right content.

On SABC1, the favourite show Uzalo had a slight mid-year drop in June but maintained its position as the most watched show on SABC1 and other South African television with a massive 9.15 million viewership followed by Generations with 8.98 million viewers.

Ratings on other entertainment programmings like the local youth-focused drama Skeem Saam that kicked off a new season on Monday and is now back on SABC1 maintained a steady position in June with its 7.84 million viewers until it switched to SABC2 and remained SABC1's third most-watched show.

The Xhosa news on SABC1 had a rating of 5 million views in June, while Zulu news was reported to have had 4.74 million views with each of the news bulletins maintaining the same numbers in the past few months.

BRC's report also showed that viewers loved the prison drama storyline of 7de Laan so much that the SABC2's Afrikaans weekday soap with a 1.2 million viewership upgraded to a 4.25 million viewership just in June.


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