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Egypt Acquires Rights To Broadcast 22 World Cup Games On National TV

The World Cup frenzy is at its peak, and Egypt and FIFA has finally agreed that 22 of the 64 World Cup games will be aired on its National TV.

This decision finally came through after the talks between both sports bodies started earlier in the year.  Although the Egyptian Ministry of Sports had initially promised that the decision would be made within days, with a promise of at least 24 channels broadcasting the games, the Egyptians are still happy they can enjoy the game with the rest of the world because they don't have to settle for a pixelated viewing while streaming the game on their laptops.

Egypt’s first participation in the world cup games will be on June 15 as they will play against Uruguay.  The second game for Egypt will be on June 19 against Russia while the third will be a battle against Saudi Arabia on June 25.

The reason for the delay is that FIFA had sold the World Cup broadcasting rights in the Middle East to the Qatari-owned beIN sports channel.

According to the Egyptian authorities, beIN’s rights to broadcast the World Cup games will make it difficult for millions of Egyptian football lovers to enjoy the tournament since many cannot afford to subscribe to beIN.

Egyptians are thrilled that for the first time since 1990, the national soccer team would be participating in the World Cup.

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