Malawi Kicks Off SIM Registration Exercise After Suspension

A new deadline of September 30 has been announced by The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)  for all mobile subscribers in the country to register their SIM cards, while all newly purchased SIMs would have to register within seven days from the date of purchase starting from1 July.

The regulatory body passed this order after the process initially set for March 31 was postponed earlier in the year because the public raised concerns that they were not fully conversant with the exercise. This argument led Minister of Information and Communication Technologies Nicholas Dausi to suspend the registration exercise.

According to a statement signed and issued on Friday, by the Director General of MACRA, Mr. Godfrey Itaye, new subscribers, after providing details for their SIM card registration, will get their SIM activated even before the seven days elapses. Director Godfrey Itaye stressed that if the details provided by the subscriber is not satisfactory and not resolved within seven days, the SIM would cease to be useful and the subscriber will need to buy another one and begin the process again.

"We have decided to bring the registration (staff) closer to the people, sop our process can become faster and get more people registered on time.

The mandatory SIM registration which rolled out last June is aimed at helping the government and its agencies combat and prevent crime and fraudulent cases encountered by mobile phone users in the Southern African nation.


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