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South Africa: SABC Enters Free-To-Air Satellite Market Through Deal With Openview - Reports

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), together with eMedia Investments, has signed a channel supply agreement to ensure the public broadcaster supplies Openview with six television channels (SABC1, 2, 3 and three new channels) as well as nineteen radio stations.

According to SABC and eMedia, the agreement signified a shift in the country’s broadcasting landscape. This collaboration will ensure the SABC is officially in the free-to-air satellite market, supplementing its channels on digital terrestrial television and streaming platforms.  The public broadcaster also plans to expand its channels to offer South Africans beyond the three free-to-air terrestrial channels and 24hour news channel it supplies to Multichoice for distribution on DSTV.

Among the three channels will be SABC Sports which the SABC has confirmed to launch on Openview. The sports channel will be distributed across Openview, digital terrestrial TV, Telkom One, and other streaming platforms. An announcement relating to the two additional tv broadcasting channels will be announced within the next three months. The vision will be to utilise the two new channels to leverage SABC’s archived content.

A statement from the SABC read this deal will ensure SABC content in all its formats continues to resonate with prescripts of its mandate and, in the process, providing universal access to credible content.  The deal guarantees high-definition broadcast quality and free access to SABCs television network anywhere in South Africa.  For Openview, this agreement will enhance its Direct-To-Home satellite strength with additional content and a solid, binding collaboration with the SABC.

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