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BMA Briefing On: Creating Quality Local African Content For Global Audiences

Across Africa and around the world, consumers seek quality 'world-class' local content!

BMA recently conducted an industry-wide survey "Creating Quality Local African Content For Global Audiences". The overriding objective of this BMA survey was to check the factors that are and will drive the telling of African's stories in a way that makes them compelling and attractive to quality-seeking local and international audiences.

Through the industry survey, we sought to:

  • Examine the dynamics affecting quality content creation and production in Africa


  • Understand the factors driving the promotion of quality 'home-grown' content both locally and internationally

We surveyed a total of 5,462 industry executives and professionals from across AfricaThese consist of Producers and Creators = 70% and Commissioners and buyers (30%)

We present the briefing summary of the industry-wide survey result here.

The briefing presentation can be accessed here.

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