Nigeria: Broadcast Regulator Fines 3 Radio Stations Over Covid-19 Related False Claims

Nigeria's National Broadcasting Commission (the country's broadcast media regulator) said it has issued specific fines to three radio broadcasting station and called-out 28 others for broadcasting false and unsubstantiated content with regard Covid-19!
The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) named Adaba FM, Albarka FM and Breeze FM as the stations fined - with just over 600 US dollars each.
According to Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, acting director-general of the industry regulator, the actions of the affected broadcasting organisation expressly fell foul of the Nigerian broadcasting code. "The stations were spreading misleading information about the COVID-19 pandemic."
Prof.  Idachaba also reminded the various broadcast platforms operating in Nigeria on their responsibilities - as stipulated by the code - on hate speech, obscenity, advertising, technical breaches and other forms of non-conforming activities.
Credit: Contribution from Communications Africa

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