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e.TV South Africa Probably First In Africa To Do National News Broadcast From-Home!

As the eMedia Investments offices in Cape Town, South Africa became shuttered following the Covid-19 related death of a cameraman and resulting quarantining of most staff; it became necessary for the show to go on, elsewhere.

It was against this backdrop that we might now have a potentially historic moment in Africa TV - e.TV's news anchor, Annika Larsen did an entire nightly news broadcast from the dining room of her home in Cape Town, South Africa.

Not a mean feat as it requires superbly elegant synchronicity of all the regular teams working from various location to pull it off.

Starting off with the epoch-making broadcast, Annika Larsen said: "You are watching e.TV News, but things are going to be rather different tonight..." "This is a first, not just for us, but probably for South African broadcasting too, and things aren't as smooth as they always seem. You can hear dogs barking in the background, and we might have some technical glitch – we're going to need you to be patient with us,"

"We feel that you're family, and so you're welcome into our living room. And with that, let's go to your top story."

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